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Moving pictures is a very central part for marketing and advertisement. It is also more important than ever as a company to have a visual presence, on social media, your own website or on television. We offer a flexible and customized production of your visual marketing and together with the client we make sure that the vision of the company is intact and well represented in the visual media. We offer a thorough production from script to post production regardless of what you or your company need.


We help you shape your idea into a script and work together with you to create a distinct vision. We can create moodboards, storyboard and shotlists which help mediate the feel and aesthetic of the film.


We offer everything that is needed for a production. We are well equipped with cameras, light, sound and we also have access to a green screen. We can also provide locations and actors, but if you want to display certain locations or actors of your own, that is perfectly fine.


After the production we assemble and edit the film so that it meets your requirements. As well as the final film, we also adjust the film for different social media platforms, if required. In the post production we also offer both 2D and 3D motion graphics as well as composing music. Read more.

We look forward to be working with you and be able to contribute to lift your company's visual presence.

Reach out to us by our email or in the contact form, both below.


Please contact us if you have further questions regarding our work or to discuss your projects!

Bankgatan 6, 223 52 Lund

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