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Flaskpost is a production studio located in the heart of Lund who offers complete productions, from beginning to end. We consist of six freelancers who all are specialized in different areas in digital media. Whether it is feature films, video branding or livestreaming, we can offer a reliable production for the client.


We offer a complete postproduction in terms of editing, sound design, composing of music, color grading, 3D and compositing as well as preproduction and production. We also have a wide network of competences if the client has requests that is beyond our standard process.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our process or to discuss your project.

Paul Rey - Talking in My Sleep (Official Video)


Drömmarnas Lund - Trailer



Karen Catalán


Karen is Flaskpost’s producer who also is a director and editor. With several years of education and experience in film and media and with an international film network, Karen has a broad knowledge in film production and is used to short films and music videos as well as feature film and comercial. On set Karen has a general overview as well as the whole process.


Colourist / DIT

Fredrik Jönsson is Flaskpost’s colorist and has several years of experience within the whole film process. Knowledge gained after four years education at univeristy level but also from work experience. Color Grading is an important part in film since color and light are corrected to convey the right emotion to the viewer and reinforce the message of the story.



Sound Designer

Martin is sound designer and foley artist at Flaskpost. His background in music has given him experience in different DAWs such as Pro tools and Cubase. Sound design is a major part of any production but is often forgotten or overlooked. A well-balanced sound design should not be heard, it should be felt.


Cinematographer / Editor

Fredrik Rönnqvist has a good perception of the film making process, due to his multiple years of experience withing the many different aspects of production. His insight has increased his efficiency within all the different roles in a production, from pre-production to post-production. His five years of professional experience are backed up by awards from festivals such as Pixel and Stockholm film festival.




Sebastian is one of the editors at Flaskpost and has been working actively since 2014. He has education in both film editing and postproduction. During his time as an editor Sebastian has worked on short films, art installations, informational films and therefore has a wide experience of different media and forms of expression. He has worked with clients such as Stockholm stad, Trans Europe Halles, Erik Olsson fastighetsförmedling, Interalter et al.


Please contact us if you have further questions regarding our work or to discuss your projects!

Bankgatan 6, 223 52 Lund

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